Wheels & Waves

Wheels and Waves 2015 – Part 1

Nous l’avons attendue, Nick Clements (Mensfile) l’a réalisée, voici la première partie de notre film Wheels and Waves 2015.
Finally done… we proudly present the first part of our Movie done by Nick Clements
This year Wheels & Waves hosted a vast range of styles and disciplines in motorcycle design, styling, building, riding and fun racing. There was also art, music and an impressive market place. Unfortunately, the surf was flat.
To encapsulate all this in one movie would be difficult so we have chosen the theme of PEOPLE to illustrate 

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Online Registration

Online registrations are closed, you will be able to register directly in Biarritz at “La Cité de L’Ocean” from Thursday 11th june in the morning

Important message to all the Riders


Dear all, the organization wants to preserve the DNA of Wheels & Waves Village as a classic, (PRE-1975), and/or heavily modified motorcycle event.

For this matter and due to the magnitude of this years festival, and the limited space available, we are forced to restrict the access to the parking space at the City of the Ocean to only those motorcycles that comply with the above definition.

If you ride a motorcycle that complies with this criteria, and you want to park it inside the City of the Ocean, 

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Registrations open !

The spirit of Wheels and Waves, is based on the moments and the human values we share together. Since the beginning of the adventure in 2008 we have met incredible people and the fruits of these meetings is what we like to share with you today. All the people that we have crossed paths with have shaped our lives and this adventure has no end in sight. We are deeply passionate about the Wheels & Waves philosophy and with this in mind wish to take you on another great journey.

The Wheels and Waves approach is modern and progressive and 

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Welcome to our partners !

Our Poster including all our partners is finally done  !

Artwork by Naoto Hinai (Nuts artworks)

CMJN de base


Harley Davidson, Edwin, Yamaha Yard Built,

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Registrations for Wheels and Waves 2015

All the registrations for Wheels and Waves 2015 will open first week of May . PLease come back next week.


Finally, here is your official program for the 2015 edition of Wheels and Waves ! Note that registrations will be opened online on our website next Friday, 24th of April. Thanks everyone for your patience, we will send out a newsletter with plenty more news and details in the next few days.

You can register for the newsletters here: http://www.wheels-and-waves.com/en/newsletterWheels and Waves 2015 Program

News: Fourth Edition 2015


Nutstran WW LOGO 2015



A New Venue, An Extra Day and Continued Good Vibes

The 2014 W&W was more than we had expected: more people, more bikes and more good times – but we must move on to stay fresh and alive. Not towards commerciality and mainstream values but to enlightened experiences and continued closeness with our real friends on the road and in the water. The location is still the beautiful Biarritz and the date is now set from the morning of June 11 (Thursday) to the evening of June 14 (Sunday), which gives us 

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RIP to our previous instagram account, we were victims of a technical error and lost access to it… HERE IS our new official account ! let’s start it all over, follow us!



MBE VERONAFIERE January 23 24 25 th


Come to meet us on our stand at “Motor Bike Expo” de Vérone January 23/24/25th !!!