Dear Visitors, Dear Partners, Dear Exhibitors, Dear Friends,

After many ups & downs the 7th edition of WHEELS AND WAVES ended Sunday under the sun of Biarritz!

We would like to thank you warmly for your participation as well as your understanding following the “move” of the Village after the storm suffered at the Cité de L’Océan 48 hours before the beginning…

Solidarity, the unfailing enthusiasm of all the protagonists allowed us to rebuild in just 2 days & 2 long nights the headquarter of WHEELS AND WAVES aka the Village. A huge thank you also to the City of Biarritz & his team without whom nothing would have been possible.

Once again, & with your support, WHEELS AND WAVES delivered 4 days of emotion, friendship, races, performances of artists and legends, waves, skateboarding, concerts in a spirit of authenticity dear to our values!

“Wheels and Waves means living with the time, without nostalgia for the past, but looking in the past for the best! ”

We hope to see you still so many in 2019, once again THANK YOU !!! & experience Wheels and Waves 2018 with Sebastien Zanella Official movie.

Stay tuned and don’t forget THE SUN ALSO RISES !

Jerome Allé, Julien Azé, Vincent Prat & Wheels and Waves team.


For the 3rd year, FLAT TRACK race aka EL ROLLO took place on iconic San Sebastien // Lasarte Oria Hippodrome.

Winners by categories are :

1 Leah Tokelove
2 Lee Kirkpatrick
3 Dimitri Coste

1 Maikel Dijkstra
2 Marco Belli
3 Wilfried Delestre

– VINTAGE PRE 1975 >500CC
1 Dimitri Coste
2 Olivier Le Quellec
3 Grevet Thibaut

– VINTAGE PRE 1975 <500 CC
1 Hubert Bastie
2 Fiete Girardet
3 Caylee Hankins

1 Maikel Dijkstra
2 Marco Belli
3 Wilfried Delestre

1 Dimitri Coste
2 Hubert Bastie
3 Fiete Girardet

1 Tom Barrer
2 Alfonso Herreros Fernandez
3 Marcos Agra

1 Geoff Cain
2 Arne Toonen
3 Guillermo Val

Congratulations to the winners & the competitors !

Photos © Laurent Benhamou



The Wheels and Waves Village is currently in progress and will open its door tomorrow.
The ticket office and an information point will be open tomorrow at 09.00 on site.

Free parking motorcycles & cars is available on the site.

More information to follow today on social networks & wheels and waves website, stay tuned !!!

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Official INSTAGRAM : Wheels-and-waves

Photo by Sebastien Zanella


Due to weather events that affected Biarritz and its region, in agreement with the authorities and the municipality, WHEELS AND WAVES Village must be moved to Halle Iraty.

Indeed, if the weather forecasts seem more lenient for the weekend, the current situation does not technically allow to prepare, mount, install the Village outside the Cité de l’Océan.

This to ensure the safety of visitors, exhibitors and partners, but also to preserve the authenticity of the Festival, the events at the Village and its so particular atmosphere.

All planned events in the Village are maintained (Skate, Trial, Concerts, DJset, INDIAN Wall of Death, Projections).

The racing program (PUNK’S PEAK, SWANK RALLY, EL ROLLO) and the Surf Contest remain, to date, unchanged.

We will meet you Thursday, June 14 FROM 03.00PM.


Headline News // ARTRIDE Line-Up

One month before Wheels and Waves 2018 and ARTRIDE V opening !

World hot spot for artists & performers, ARTRIDE 2018 will focus this year on more than twelve artists…

> The one who today has become a universal and undisputed reference of the custom culture, Shinya Kimura, will come back and exhibit one of his latest achievements.

> His compatriot Toshiyuki “Cheetah” Osawa, meanwhile, will come from Tokyo for the first time in Europe, and he will also present one of his masterpiece.

> From westcoast, L.A. mural artist Robert Vargas will perform in the pure tradition of East L.A. during the opening on June the 14th in the presence of his old friends skaters Tony Alva and Steve Caballero.

> Concerning photography, for the first time at the same venue, the works of Yan Morvan (Blousons Noirs and Race with the Devil) & Alberto Garcia Alix, member of Wheels and Waves family, who will exhibit in the Darkroom, original vintage prints about the Spanish biker scene of the 80s.

> An exceptional subject about the origins of the Basque Coast surf highlighted by Joel de Rosnay, making us the honor of being the Official Godfather of the Wheels and Waves 7th edition.

> Surfing always, past and present will be linked through the work, in the 70’s, of Australian John Witzig and Californian surfer JJ Wessels for his contemporary vision.

> A tribute will also be paid to Dean Moon & Shige Suganuma through the project MOONEYES EXCELLENCE and its author Cyrill Arino, accompanied by Adrian Lopez.

> At the crossroads of skateboarding, surfing and motorcycling, Filippo Fiumani, Patrick Katzman, Project RPO photos will be as well showcased as other surprises & live performances…

>> Hidden in the heart of the Spanish Basque country, Artride will be held for the 5th time at Casa Ciriza in the port of Pasaia.

© Joel de Rosnay

© Yan Morvan

© Filippo Fiumani

© JJ Wessels by Dane Peterson

Log Invitational Surf Contest

On the 14th, 15th, 16th or 17th of June the Longboard Surf Contest of the festival aka The Log Invitational will take place on the iconic Milady Beach, few meters away from the village in partnership with Yamaha Marine.

> Prize : 2 longboards Wheels and Waves 7th edition !

> Registration open from June the 14th at the village with 4 days pass or daily pass.

Hit The Deck // Skate Contest

Wheels and Waves 2018 will host this year The Hit the Deck Skate Contest and proudly announces the attendance of the living legends Steve Caballero & Tony Alva !
The Hit the Deck Skate Contest will happen on Friday June the 15th, 6.00 pm, at Wheels and Waves village, Cité de l’océan // Biarritz.