Competitor registration Punk’s Peak Race

  • To register as a competitor, you must first purchase your Visitor PASS WW2017. The nominative PASS number will allow you to open the application form; It must imperatively Match the person who will compete in the chosen competition.

    This is the first step of your registration.
    If your registration is accepted by our jury, you will then be informed and redirected to an online form to finalize it.

    The race will take place Friday, June 16

    photo credit : Gonzalo Arroyo
    Subscription license and insurance "Federation Moto Basque" mandatory 128 € (license 105 € + insurance 23 €)
    Only one license is required to participate in both races (El Rollo and Punk's Peak), only the insurance must be renewed 23€

    Sprint 1/4 mile
    128 competitor
    5 categories :

    • The Copita 50cc
    • Pre-1950
    • Pre-1975
    • Post-1975 less than 100cv
    • Superbikes more than 100cv

    Reserved for PRE-1975 or POST-1975 motorcycles CUSTOM (no stock motorcycles)
    The organizer reserves the right of access
    Warning ! Participation in this race as a driver requires the license of the Basque Moto Federation
    Download the information sheet (PDF)

    Directions to the Punk's Peak Race :
    Link to the roadmap

  • Competitor registration

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