Music programming – It’s just the beginning…

rYDER THE EAGLE – wednesday 14th



Strength. Romanticism. Those two words plainly define Ryder The Eagle, fierce drummer turned into a dirty crooner. Ryder howls love and whispers hate through songs that are just like his bike: stripped-down, rusted, roaring. We may think of Beck, Julian Casablancas or The Walkmen. But we know one thing for sure: Ryder The Eagle is riding fast on the road to sincerity and nothing will stop him. It’s rock, it sweats, it’s stirring and dark ! This big fan of motorcycle in a rock aesthetic seeks a new breath in music.

moon Duo – wednesday 14th



Moon Duo was created in 2009 by guitarist Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada on keyboards. The style is influenced by psychedelic rock, combining repetitive rhythms and saturated guitar riffs. Here’s what Liberation said last January of the band’s latest LP « Inspired by the depths of Oregon’s endless forests and esoteric literature, the album offers seven odysseys of psychedelic rock, which possess the ability to immerse into the very deep cooperative spirit. » – friday 16th



MR TC aka Thomas L. Clarke is a DJ and musician based in Glasgow where he runs the Night of the Jaguar parties out of the Art School. As an affiliate of the city’s Green Door recording studio, he’s part of a group of young musicians that are currently making waves in the international dance music community. His ‘sound’ is one that mixes organic elements with electronic instrumentation: guitar and live percussion meeting drum machines and synths, soaked in space echo and spring reverb.

optimo eSPACIO – friday 16th



Jonnie Wilkes and Keith McIvor – a.k.a. JG Wilkes and JD Twitch – met in November 1997 at the Sub Club in Glasgow. Since then, they have founded the label Optimo Music and created Optimo, a duo born from their will to invent new ways of DJing, using samples, laptops and effects boxes, mixing a range of musical styles. Playing anything from rock to electro and reggae to cold wave, Optimo creates a unique space for freedom without musical boarders.

brian bent – saturday 17th


Photo by Robbie Warden

Brian Bent is the San Juan Capistrano-based artist. Self taught and influenced by the ‘Contemporary’ period of design, fashion, and architecture of the turn of the century through the mid sixties, Southern California artist Brian Bent’s dynamic illustrative paintings, interior design/builds, sculptures, and his music are high energy. His works generate momentum, and each piece begs its viewer a journey worth the taking. Whether it is in surfing, music, writing, painting, design, fashion, sculpting, car building, or whatever else sets his soul afire, the result brings one into the joyful world which emanates through all he touches.

tom curren – saturday 17th



Tom Curren, born July 3, 1964 in Newport Beach California is considered one of the greatest and most prolific surfers of the twentieth century. After a very successful career and three world championship titles, Tom withdrew from the pro scene to focus on his other passion, music. Tom’s eclectic style is loved not only by the surf community but also by music lovers who recognize his raw talent. Music with blues, folk, classic rock, and even reggae.

rocco Deluca – saturday 17th



Born in Southern California in 1976, Rocco DeLuca grew up through the R & B tours of his single father who was one of Bo Diddley’s guitarists. Exposed to the blues, DeLuca started playing guitar very young, and eventually turned to the Dobro (a metal-top resonant guitar that played a key role in the pre-amp era) and finally used it as a Instrument.

elliott murphy – saturday 17th



When Elliott Murphy’s album, « Aquashow, » was released in November 1973, critics had a triumphant reception. They dedicate Elliott Murphy as the new Dylan, the new Lou Reed or F. Scott Fitzgerald of Rock’n’Roll. Elliott Murphy is a prolific artist, inspired guitarist, charismatic singer and authentic baladin, with more than thirty albums behind him.

lemon swell – sunday 18th



Influenced by the California pop-loop and the Australian garage, Lemon Swell tells the life on an Island, slips it on a board, the beach in summer … In French, in English, with humor derision and sensitivity. Come take your bowl of fresh air !