Grizzly ride 2016

Les sommets Pyrénéens sont encore enneigés, mais l’été se profile déjà à l’horizon. Il est temps pour nous de vous présenter le film réalisé cet hiver par Nick Clements durant le Grizzly Ride. Nous espérons que ces quelques images vous stimuleront pour nous rejoindre en Juin, Bonne route à tous !
Merci à Motul pour leur soutien.

Winter Ride 2016 1 from Nick Clements on Vimeo.


We are happy to present the Music programmation of the Wheels & Waves 2016 edition


SOFT MOON (usa- captured tracks records) Saturday June 11th

The Soft Moon has the special talent to enchant the pop enthusiasts, stuck somewhere between shoegaze and post-punk from the 80’s. Founded in 2009 in Oakland, California, the band is above all the project of a man, Luis Vasquez, who conceives his musical project as a kind of therapy. The New Yorka based label Captured Tracks discovers him pretty fats and it’s in 2010 that the eponymous album of the band is created. The reviews and the public receive it well and The Soft Moon quickly become the symbol the post punk movement renewal. The band live performance, conceived as real acoustic and visual experiences bring him the support of a faithful fan community. The second album, Zeros, sees the light of day in 2012 while Luis Vasquez takes the decision to move to Berlin. So it’s in this city that the third album is composed, Deeper, placed on the market in 2015. The band starts then a huge tour in Europe and in the USA.

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ZOMBIE ZOMBIE (fr-versatile records) on Saturday June 11th

Zombie Zombie is a common project between Neman, Herman Düne’s drummer, and Étienne Jaumet, saxophonist and a big vintage synthesizers collector. Gathered around their common love for the krautrock, horror movie soundtracks from the 70’s and cosmic jazz, the two musicians dream of a crazy clash between Sun Ra and John Carpenter (in honor of whom they recorded an album), Suicide and Can. In live, the duo has teamed up with Dr Lori Schon Berg (Berg Sans Nipple, Turzi) at the drums.

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KID CONGO & THE PINKMONKEY BIRDS (usa-in The Red Records) on Friday June 10th

Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds fourth and strongest album yet for In The Red Records, “La Araña Es La Vida” summons the Mexican muse of The Great Spider Goddess of Teoticuhan who sprouts hallucinogenic morning glories and protects the underworld, or in Kid’s eyes, the world of underground music. Recorded at The Harveyville High School gym in Kansas, Guitar slinger and singer, the legendary Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds), bassist Kiki Solis (Knife in The Water, Rhythm of Black Lines), drummer Ron Miller (Switch Hitter, Up The Academy) are joined by Chicano, Mosrite playing guitarist Mark Cisneros (Medications, Deathfix) on this self produced ball of wax.

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Twitter: @kidcongopowers


AVENUE Z (fr-slovently records) on Friday June 10th

A disconcerting reconversion from the long-time Magnetic: AVENUE Z, acid river in the grey and post-apocalyptic town in their souls, in which they have always been accomplices. Gloomy synthetic ripple and post-modern garage, retina burner ray of sunshine and synthe-moog-fuzz guitar rolling in soft marble catacombs. The album AZIMUT, recorded by Sébastien Batanis in Bordeaux and mastered by Tim Warren, record cover Lucad Donaud, out in March 2016 on SLOVENLY Recordings (USA, EU, Japon). Retro-future or how to give your body to the Science-Fiction…


RENDEZ-VOUS (fr- avant !records) on Saturday June 11th

A little bit over a year ago, it’s during the winter greyness that we discovered this first EP, from a band we couldn’t miss: Rendez-Vous. Propelled by the track « The Others » and its cold heroism, the quatuor was seen as one these bands you would like to keep secret but of which you can’t prevent yourself from spreading the word. Despite the waiting, the four Parisians took their distance, enclosed themselves for a year for the second EP. The mix of ‘Distance’ was left to the American Ben Greenberg, bassist and singer of The Men, producer of Destruction Unit, Beach Fossils and many other grups, the quatuor took the time to deliver a 6 tracks EP as close as possible to their ambition. The band is back with a ghost convey – the ones from Fad Gadget, Sad Lovers & Giants, The Danse Society or Nitzer Ebb.

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TOMORROWS TULIPS (usa-burger records) on Friday Jun 10th

Stuck between Los Angeles and San Diego, the duo Tomorrow’s Tulips produce sound inspired both by the pop esotericism. Signed with Burger Records, they take part in this garage-rock avant-garde new scene which includes artists like Together Pangea, Dead Ghosts or Cosmonauts. After two years of absence on disc, they just launched a new 8 tracks EP called, iNdy rock royalty comb, which perpetuate their will of ex- perimentation and of Do It Yourself recording technics. Very nineties, this EP is a lot more than a revival and erases the surf-rock aspect of his debut to offer a soft musical fantasy.

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Brian Bent on Friday Jun 10th

Brian Bent is one cool cat. He excels in the most cool and creative things. He makes his own clothing, his own music and his own, jaw dropping (or rapid transportation). He definitely has a style all his own. He’s an Artist. A Musician.

From the clothes he wears, to the car he drives, to the boards he surfs. 100% Brian Bent. Chances are, whatever he’s wearing, he’s riding in (or on)… he has made himself. His artwork is unlike any other. When I come across a Brian Bent painting, sculpture or screen print -I know it’s his work immediately. His style is all his own. His work has been seen on display at galleries, corporate lobbies, and store fronts from Southern California to Japan and even France. His most current musical endeavor is ‘Ragged ’Ol Sailor’ – a surf rock, rock-a-billy mixture that fits his style to a T.

But above all, Brian is the Wheels and Waves mascot, it will be his fourth season this year !


Will play on Thursday 9th during the Artride Exhibition
The birth of Ghost Number & His Tipsy Gypsies took place in late 2014, with the idea of exploring folk music in its widest meaning, and trying to put in our two cents in the roots music of the first half of the past century. It was about that time when David Pisabarro, frontman and banjo picker, finally achieved to put together a fully acoustic band (upright bass, fiddle, trumpet, guitar and a particularly thin drum set) and since then they haven’t stopped their journey in songwriting and music making.
One of the most distinctive features of the band is the broadness and the eclecticism in their repertoire. With a foot standing firmly in the country & western, the blues and the swing of the 30s and 40s, they don’t hesitate trying to explore less touched and more contemporary areas, fitting in, for example, influences and sounds from eastern Europe, or from Haitian calypso. With all this put toguether, you’ll find that their gigs somehow taste like Cab Calloway, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits or C.W. Stoneking, and with special attention to the everpresent minor key.

Despite their (yet) short career, they have somehow managed to find their own little gap in the spanish roots scene, and different promoters have invited them to open for bands such as Deke Dickerson, The Straitjackets, The Outta Sites, C.W. Stoneking or Dead Bronco. They have also appeared in several festivals nationwide, like Kutxa Kultur.



©Josie Perez

L’équipe Wheels and Waves est heureuse de vous annoncer l’ouverture des inscriptions du festival Wheels and Waves édition 2016 !

L’inscription vous offre l’accès aux différents évènements :

L’exposition ArtRide III, au Port de Pasaia San Pedro (près de la frontière Espagnole) à Casa Ciriza (rue Euskadi Etorbidea) – Emplacement : 43°19’20.3″N 1°56’06.8″W

Deux courses :

La Punk’s Peak, course de départ arrêté le vendredi 10 juin 2016 dans cet endroit magique qu’est « Jaïkzibel », à mi-chemin entre mer et montagne – Emplacement : 43°21’11.3″N 1°50’30.4″W

Et la nouvelle course, la course El Rollo, une compétition « Flat track ». El Rollo aura lieu en Espagne à l’hippodrome de San Sebastian Lasarte, le mercredi 7 juin, en partenariat avec le magazine Sideburn – Emplacement : 43°15’58.1″N 2°01’25.0″W

La compétition de surf, Thirsty Fins aura lieu sur la plage de la Milady (Biarritz). Cette année, une ‘waiting period’ de cinq jours sera mise en place afin que les surfeurs puissent bénéficier de la journée offrant le meilleur swell.

Trois ride organisés samedi 11 juin, entre océan et montagnes.

Et bien sûr, l’accès au Village à la Cité de l’Océan avec ses 128 stands, les concerts, les projections.

Adresse : Cité de l’Océan, Avenue de la plage, Biarritz – Emplacement : 43°27’43.8″N 1°34’22.8″W

Horaires :
Mercredi 8 juin – 11h00 – 23h00
Jeudi 9 juin – 10h00 – 1h00
Vendredi 10 juin – 10h00 – 00h30
Samedi 11 juin – 10:00h – 00h30
Dimanche 12 juin – 10h00 – 18h00

Document non contractuel, les horaires sont susceptibles d’être modifiés

Wheels and Waves 2015 – Part 2

Voici la deuxième partie de notre film Wheels and Waves 2015 réalisé par Nick Clements. Cette année Wheels & Waves confirme son écléctisme et sa volonté de présenter tous les genres dans le design et le style motocycliste. Le ride et la course sont aussi des composants essentiels de l’événement, sans oublier l’exposition Artride, les concerts et le village de la Cité de l’Océan. Malheureusement le surf était absent pour faute de vagues.
Dans la deuxième partie,  le réalisateur s’est attaché à la description de cette diversité au travers d’interviews.

Wheels & Waves Part 2 from Nick Clements on Vimeo.

Wheels and Waves 2015 – Part 1

Nous l’avons attendu, Nick Clements (Mensfile) l’a réalisé, voici la première partie de notre film Wheels and Waves 2015.
Finally done… we proudly present the first part of our Movie done by Nick Clements
This year Wheels & Waves hosted a vast range of styles and disciplines in motorcycle design, styling, building, riding and fun racing. There was also art, music and an impressive market place. Unfortunately, the surf was flat.
To encapsulate all this in one movie would be difficult so we have chosen the theme of PEOPLE to illustrate the diversity of attitudes and ideas present over the four days and then made the film in two parts.
PART TWO will be out in August 2015

Cette année Wheels & Waves confirme son écléctisme et sa volonté de présenter tous les genres dans le design et le style motocycliste. Le ride et la course sont aussi des composants essentiels de l’événement, sans oublier l’exposition Artride, les concerts et le village de la Cité de l’Océan. Malheureusement le surf était absent pour faute de vagues.
Nous commençons ici avec un premier film ou le réalisateur s’est attaché à la description de cette diversité au travers d’interviews.
La deuxième partie sera présentée en Aout 2015

Wheels & Waves 2015 Part 1 from Dir. Nick Clements on Vimeo.

The Wheels and Waves festival 2015 was extraordinary for its bikes, its racing, its art, its music, its style, but most of all its people. This eight minute film takes you through the first two days of the happening.


Les inscriptions en ligne sont closes, vous pourrez vous enregistrer directement à la cité de l’Ocean à Biarritz le 11 Juin à partir de 10h

Message important à tous les participants de Wheels and Waves


Chers Amis, Nous souhaitons préserver l’ADN et le style Classique (pre75) ou custom du village de Wheels and Waves.
Pour cela, en raison de l’amplitude de l’événement cette année et du nombre limité d’espace possible, nous sommes forcé de restreindre l’accès du parking de la cité de l’Océan aux seules motos répondant à la définition précédemment citée.

Si votre moto est conforme à ces critères et que vous souhaitez vous garer à l’intérieur de la Cité de l’Océan, vous devez soumettre votre inscription avant le 4 Juin! Le 5 Juin toutes les demandes recevront une réponse et précisera si votre moto est sélectionnée ou non.
Si votre moto est sélectionnée, votre nom est dans la liste qui nous permettra de vous remettre un bracelet spécial pour la moto et vous sera remis à la tente d’accueil après vérification de votre identité et inscription.

Toutes les motos ne répondant pas à ces critères (pré 75 ou custom fortement modifié) peuvent se garer sur le parking de la Halle Iraty fourni par la ville et sécurisé, ou sur tout autre stationnement légal à proximité de la cité de l’Océan. Toutes les motos pourront également se déplacer librement en ville dans le respect de notre charte de bonne conduite.

Nous espérons que vous comprendrez nos efforts pour faire de Wheels and Waves un événement toujours meilleur d’année en année et que votre support nous aidera à le rendre plus vivant que jamais.