Artride 2019 : welcome to Richard Aujard

Pleased & honored to announce the participation of the famous Photographer Richard Aujard to ARTRIDE 2019!

Fashion, Actors photographer and film maker, Richard Aujard is also, and perhaps above all, a man of the land who has been around worldwide to feed his own passion since the 80’s. The world of motorcycle takes a place of choice in his life. At Wheels and Waves 8th edition, he will showcase a series dedicated to bikers.

A huge thanks to him and once again Filo Loco.
Full interview in French and English below!

35 years of fashion covers, exhibitions, books, short-cuts … The reputation of the photographer and director is well established.

Among others, Eric Cantona, Mike Tyson, Mexican cowboys, Navajo tribes, Hopis and Apaches, homeless children in Mongolia, Haiti after the earthquake, Marines of the French Army … “I do not like sophistication, which I like is showing the strength and the cracks, the scars of life. In my opinion, it’s more beautiful than three layers of makeup. I cover a lot of different worlds, but I have two great passions: boxing and motorcycle. Motorcycles, it’s me! I am a biker at heart. At 16, I was champion of Enduro in France. Since 1984, I ride Harley or Triumph. I’ve traveled the worldwide to photograph MC around the world. ”

For Wheels and Waves, he has selected prints that flourish in the late 80’s, from his many encounters. Among them, we recognize some familiar faces.

“I met Michael Hutchense, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, or Mickey Rourke who welcomed me to his home in Los Angeles and whom I’m still very close to. Besides, I just made a documentary about him, currently in post-production. At each shot, I need to install a proximity, an exchange. My biggest pleasure is that the photo pleases the model. You will not see stolen photos in my work.”

It is enough to listen to the man two minutes to understand that the human encounter is the driving force of his practice. He is excited to be part of the Wheels and Waves adventure.

“I was born and raised in the Basque Country, my children were born in Biarritz. It’s a pleasure to come back here for Wheels and Waves. I was here last year. I loved the spirit of sharing and celebration, this mix of motorcycles, surfing, skateboarding, looks. This year, I will come with my Harley Dyna Low Rider S. Meet passionate people, ride in the Basque Country: that fun! “.

Rendez-vous is held Thursday, June 13 at the Biarritz skatepark, for the opening night of the Artride in the presence of the artist.

HIT THE DECK skate contest

Wanna skate the ramp like Steve Caballero 😏
HIT THE DECK skate contest is coming back at Wheels & Waves 2019 – Official Event! Fresh skateboarding going on at the Village-Cité de l’Ocean.

Some cash & nice prizes will be dropped out of the jams & happening sessions…

No time to lose, put HIT THE DECK on your agenda & come share great time in Biarritz 12th to 16th June 2019! Huge thanks to our skate partners Volcom & Confusion Magazine: International DIY Skateboarding Magazine

Registration ▶︎


Builder, racer, winner of the 2018 Okie Dokie race, the iconic & respected Kazuo Fukuda will attend Wheels and Waves for the first time!
Full interview in French and English below.

Arigatogozaimashita & see you in June Kazuo


Founder of the workshop Buddy Custom Cycles (Yokohama, Japan) and fiery flat track pilot, Kazuo Fukuda will bite the dust on Basque Country tracks, with his son Kosuke. At Wheels and Waves, he will ride his favorite craft, an unlikely Harley Flathead 45. The show promises to be epic.

“At 16, I wanted to be pilot, but I quickly lost all hope of becoming a professional one. I worked for 6 years at the Harley “Sundance” store in Tokyo, before creating Buddy Custom Cycles in 1996. In 2000, I discovered the flat track competition. Since then, I am fascinated by these machines and their driving technique. Today, I build both motorcycles and I drive them. At first, I refused to race on old motorcycles. But today that many parts are available, I started. I have completely made the frame of this bike using a CRMO thin tube, and for Wheels and Waves I’m still working on lightening the whole thing. My friend Takashi Urashima brought to the bike his graphic identity, which became a kind of “tattoo” of Buddy Custom Cycles.

His son Kosuke, talented pilot, will also be in Biarritz to give us a demonstration of the full extent of his virtuosity. The legend says that the disciple would exceed the master. Transmission as an evidence? “Life is made to have fun! that’s what I always taught Kosuke. He has been in contact with motorcycles since he was a child, but I never really wanted to make him a pilot. Today, I have only one advice to give him: “Do not fall in front of everyone during the race! “.


We are pleased to announce the attendance of Jeremy Tagand,
Deus Ex Machina bike builder, designer, engineer, test pilot at
Wheels & Waves 2019. French do it better!

Discover Jeremy’s interview below!


– How started the DEUS adventure?

I’m on two wheels since I was little. School was not my thing. As soon as I turned 14, I followed my inclination and multiplied the experiences. I served as a mechanic for Police squad, I also worked in dealership. Then, I lost sight of this environment until during an Australian trip, I stumbled upon the store Deus in Sydney which had just opened. It was in 2007. They were looking for a mechanic, It started as a temporary job & finally turned into a 4 years contract … ! All my passion is reassembled at once. I worked like crazy, day and night, I took evening classes to learn to weld, to work different materials. I built lots of motorbikes, all different. We can say that Deus and I “grew up” together.

– Today, what changed in your life?

I am responsible – and the only one mechanic of Deus Sydney motorcycle department. I am married, and my second daughter has just been born. 13 years later, I continue to get up every morning at 5 am to go surf whatever the weather, before taking my motorcycle to go to the workshop. My greatest chance and motivation is to be happy where I decided to live. If there is one thing that has not changed, it is that I always have the smile when I go to work.

– What inspires you the evolution of the custom scene since ten years?

Since Deus started in the retro custom 10 years ago, the evolution is phenomenal. New projects are coming up every day in the world, there are countless talented builders. The level of creativity is limitless, there is something for every taste and every budget. Anyone can express himself through the customization of his bike. But I believe that the major evolution, the one we builders are most proud of, is that the biggest international manufacturers are inspired by what we do to produce stock motorcycles. In the meantime, the bike itself continues to evolve – with the electric motorcycle tomorrow – and from our side, there is always more to learn …

– What means Wheels and Waves for you?

I first came to Wheels and Waves 5 years ago with my wife during my honeymoon! Since then, I am keeping an eye on the event from Australia. Wheels and Waves is today one of the major motorcycle events worldwide. It’s a big “hotspot” where & when you can both ride a motorcycle, meet builders, meet your clients, your colleagues … It’s a chance for me to come back this year, I’ll be able to take a closer look at the changes , have fun on a motorcycle, perhaps catching up new opportunities, who knows? And above all, meet all those people from around the world to have a great time!


Looking for your summer surfboard? 
We’re giving away an exclusive one from our partner Chipiron Surfboards! How to participate?

1. Take your 5 days pass on the website
2. Winner of the drawn will be revealed during the festival at the Village-Cite de l’Ocean

NB: Only 5 day pass e-ticket holders will be able to participate to the draw, Early Bird ticket holders as well. Terms & conditions available on – Photo for information only


Friday June 14th
6km muddy winding dirt track! 100% pleasure guaranteed.


In the same spirit as the Punk’s Peak, the Saint-Pée-sur Nivelle track is prepared to be accessible to all riders. This is dedicated to enduro and off-road motorcycles pre-2000, but since this year, we also offer to a few daring ones the opportunity to attend with their daily ride, as long as the pilot feels the soul of a racer and the class of a gentleman or, of course, a Lady. So few remember the winner of last year, everyone keeps in mind Nick Hashley on his Harley Tank Shift, and that’s what counts: having fun! This year, the site will be optimized so that spectators enjoy a panoramic view of the track.
Wednesday June 12th
100 pilots, 4 categories, 400 meters, 1 sprint, 550 meters altitude


This historic race that was originally only a pretext for some “full throttle excited” to align their motorcycles on a starting grid and to measure themselves, has become in a few years a “rendezvous”. Facing this straight line, fabulous escape to the heart of a sumptuous site, adrenaline is at its climax! Who has never wanted to experience, once in his life, the excitement of the starting grid that is enough to make you a champion? You do not have to be a great driver or have a racing experience: Punk’s Peak is open to everyone, and to all types of motorcycles. It’s time to train left hand on the helmet … and watch the starter!


Saturday June 15th
A quarter of a mile of pure fun, whatever your level.
Two fools who were idiots on the beach of Biarritz, a kind of movement where we felt a unfailing desire to slip with any motorized vehicle … or not (I think our Solex years without engine where the king of the neighborhood was the one who mastered the skid) … it did not take more: El Rollo was born. Riding 19” wheels X no front brake, this race remains open to all participants who dream to realize this kid’s dream… the famous “skid”. A “beginner” category is also set up for the more adventurous to try this so particular type of race…
Waiting period on 12/13/14/15/16 June from 9am
Old school rules with 36 surfers, 9 feet logs minimum, 1 single fin, 0 leash!
Wheels and Waves Biarritz wouldn’t be the same without the surfing.
The Log, as its name suggests, is a longboard contest to which the best local and visiting international talent are invited. The competition will be hosted and run by Damien Marly, and will take place as in previous years on Milady Beach, below Ocean City. As required in surfing, it happen when the weather conditions are best.
Of the many contests taking place during the festival, we’re delighted to say that surfing is becoming more and more popular! Under Robbie Warden’s guidance, the 2017 and 2018 contests, and the enthusiastic response they generated, have proved the potential of this event, which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Good fun and high spirits guaranteed! The contest is open to everyone.

The sacred garage, a place where bikes and boards are stashed, repaired and created
This year we present the “Garage Shapers Exhibition”, a peer-voted surf contest where boards under 7 feet long are ridden by their creator right in front of the festival site at Milady Beach. Local shapers include Chipiron Surfboards Paul Duvignau. and travelling from Australia Thomas Surfboards to name a few. Stay tuned for more details!
Stay tuned for SKATEBOARDING contest registration…

Garage shapers exhibition

The sacred garage, a place where bikes and boards are stashed, repaired and created. 

This year the Wheels and Waves Festival present the Garage Shapers Exhibition, a peer-voted surf contest where boards under 7 feet long are ridden by their creator. In addition to the action that’s going to be happening on the beach, the ” Shaper House” based in the Village will host shapers from around the world, moving foam each day for all to see and enjoy the board making process. Stay tuned for more details. 

Contact if you want to enter the “Garage Shaper Exhibition”.


Got a custom project ?

Showcase it at Wheels and Waves 2019 !

In mind project, work in progress, project completed but unrevealed, take your chance !

For the first time, Wheels and Waves is organizing a custom motorcycle design contest open to all, amateurs and professionals. This contest is intended to reveal hidden or confirmed talents, to encourage creativity, to discover new trends, to valorise “savoir faire”, originality, ingenuity, in a spirit of good humor shared.  Heat engine or electric, old or modern motorcycle, bobber, chopper, cafe racer, scrambler or others … only will be evaluated the development of the mechanics and its harmony with the overall design of the motorcycle, without restriction of style.

The selected projects has to be new ones, unveiled for the first time to the public and professionals during Wheels and Waves 2019.

Visitors will be able to discover the selected motorcycles throughout the duration of the event, in a dedicated area for each builder at the Village-Cite de l’Ocean.

A jury composed of 5 personalities representative Wheels and Waves universe : guests of honor, journalists, designers … will reveal the winner 2019 I June.

The winning project will be exhibited at the Artride 2020.

How organize your booth?

A 6 square meters space (3 meters X 2 meters) will be dedicated to each project, freely developed , according to the motorcycle mood presented in line with the aesthetics of the Village: use of so-called natural materials (metal , canvas, wood, plants …), no plastics, PVC banners. Electricity is not provided.

Guarantee of exclusivity

In order to maintain the interest of visitors, competitors are allowed to share the work in progress on all media (Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, press …), but in no case to physically present the project completed in any other  way before the first day of Wheels and Waves 2019.

How to apply ?

10 projects will be selected. Send your application to the email address: before 20/03/2019, accompanied by a presentation of your universe (your garage / workshop, your collective, motorcycles (or other creations) made by you, sketches, photos, blog, Instagram account …) and of course the philosophy of the motorcycle project presented at Wheels and Waves 2019. To be selected, the bike must be finished and ready to roll before 10/06 / 2019. The selected candidates will be informed by email of their participation.



Concours Indian

Want it! Win it! What a blast!!!

This year, once again, our partner INDIAN gives you the opportunity to win a motorcycle during Wheels and Waves 8th edition! The brand New FTR 1200! An exceptional gift…
To get a chance to win it, very simple, take your 5 days PASS on our website. Winner will be drawn on Saturday June the 15th at the Village-Cite de l’Ocean. Good Luck!!!
A huge thanks to INDIAN MOTORCYCLE
Only 5 days pass e-ticket holders will be able to participate to the draw, Early Bird ticket holders take also part to the draw.


Dear Visitors, Dear Partners, Dear Exhibitors, Dear Friends,

After many ups & downs the 7th edition of WHEELS AND WAVES ended Sunday under the sun of Biarritz!

We would like to thank you warmly for your participation as well as your understanding following the “move” of the Village after the storm suffered at the Cité de L’Océan 48 hours before the beginning…

Solidarity, the unfailing enthusiasm of all the protagonists allowed us to rebuild in just 2 days & 2 long nights the headquarter of WHEELS AND WAVES aka the Village. A huge thank you also to the City of Biarritz & his team without whom nothing would have been possible.

Once again, & with your support, WHEELS AND WAVES delivered 4 days of emotion, friendship, races, performances of artists and legends, waves, skateboarding, concerts in a spirit of authenticity dear to our values!

“Wheels and Waves means living with the time, without nostalgia for the past, but looking in the past for the best! ”

We hope to see you still so many in 2019, once again THANK YOU !!! & experience Wheels and Waves 2018 with Sebastien Zanella Official movie.

Stay tuned and don’t forget THE SUN ALSO RISES !

Jerome Allé, Julien Azé, Vincent Prat & Wheels and Waves team.