Friday June 14th
6km muddy winding dirt track! 100% pleasure guaranteed.


In the same spirit as the Punk’s Peak, the Saint-Pée-sur Nivelle track is prepared to be accessible to all riders. This is dedicated to enduro and off-road motorcycles pre-2000, but since this year, we also offer to a few daring ones the opportunity to attend with their daily ride, as long as the pilot feels the soul of a racer and the class of a gentleman or, of course, a Lady. So few remember the winner of last year, everyone keeps in mind Nick Hashley on his Harley Tank Shift, and that’s what counts: having fun! This year, the site will be optimized so that spectators enjoy a panoramic view of the track.
Wednesday June 12th
100 pilots, 4 categories, 400 meters, 1 sprint, 550 meters altitude


This historic race that was originally only a pretext for some “full throttle excited” to align their motorcycles on a starting grid and to measure themselves, has become in a few years a “rendezvous”. Facing this straight line, fabulous escape to the heart of a sumptuous site, adrenaline is at its climax! Who has never wanted to experience, once in his life, the excitement of the starting grid that is enough to make you a champion? You do not have to be a great driver or have a racing experience: Punk’s Peak is open to everyone, and to all types of motorcycles. It’s time to train left hand on the helmet … and watch the starter!


Saturday June 15th
A quarter of a mile of pure fun, whatever your level.
Two fools who were idiots on the beach of Biarritz, a kind of movement where we felt a unfailing desire to slip with any motorized vehicle … or not (I think our Solex years without engine where the king of the neighborhood was the one who mastered the skid) … it did not take more: El Rollo was born. Riding 19” wheels X no front brake, this race remains open to all participants who dream to realize this kid’s dream… the famous “skid”. A “beginner” category is also set up for the more adventurous to try this so particular type of race…
Waiting period on 12/13/14/15/16 June from 9am
Old school rules with 36 surfers, 9 feet logs minimum, 1 single fin, 0 leash!
Wheels and Waves Biarritz wouldn’t be the same without the surfing.
The Log, as its name suggests, is a longboard contest to which the best local and visiting international talent are invited. The competition will be hosted and run by Damien Marly, and will take place as in previous years on Milady Beach, below Ocean City. As required in surfing, it happen when the weather conditions are best.
Of the many contests taking place during the festival, we’re delighted to say that surfing is becoming more and more popular! Under Robbie Warden’s guidance, the 2017 and 2018 contests, and the enthusiastic response they generated, have proved the potential of this event, which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Good fun and high spirits guaranteed! The contest is open to everyone.

The sacred garage, a place where bikes and boards are stashed, repaired and created
This year we present the “Garage Shapers Exhibition”, a peer-voted surf contest where boards under 7 feet long are ridden by their creator right in front of the festival site at Milady Beach. Local shapers include Chipiron Surfboards Paul Duvignau. and travelling from Australia Thomas Surfboards to name a few. Stay tuned for more details!
Stay tuned for SKATEBOARDING contest registration…